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Stolen Season Chapter 12

Title: Stolen season ch.12

Pairing: Jussi69/Jyrki69, Ville Valo/Timo, Bazie/Dani Filth
Disclaimer: i don't own these beautiful people, this never happened and never will.

(Normal POV)
   Jussi was practicing wildly on his drums down in the basement, while Jyrki watched him intently, as if in a trance. Jussi’s movements hypnotized him. The flexing of his muscles, the expressions on his face. Jyrki walked over to Jussi, standing behind him and running his fingertips over Jussi’s back. He was amazed at Jussi’s concentration, so he decided to try and make him mess up.
   “You’re so amazing Jussi.” Jyrki whispered in his ear. He ran is hands over Jussi’s shoulders and down his chest, his hands becoming moist with sweat. Jussi shuddered a bit, but failed to make a mistake. But as Jyrki began to run his hands over Jussi’s abs Jussi’s drumstick slipped out of his hand and collided with the wall in front of him.
   “Sorry, Love. I just couldn’t resist.” Jussi stood up and put his arms around Jyrki’s waist.
   “Why must you be so cruel to me?” Jussi asked with a grin.
   “Well apparently you like it.” Jussi smiled and kissed Jyrki, before setting back down.
   “I’ve got an idea for a song.” Jyrki said as he walked over to the piano. He began playing s beautiful song, and soon Jussi joined in on the drums.
   “What you say and what you do, you do it all for me and you.” Jyrki began to sing.
   “Everytime I hear you breathe, in the still night next to me, and your innocent heart beats, I feel so complete, just let me listen to you gently breathe, no words do we need, let your innocent heart speak, still waters run deep. What you say and what you do, you do it all, for me and you, what I do and what I say, I do it all to be this way.”
   “That’s so beautiful, Jyrki.” Jyrki ended the song with a soft ‘goodnight’. Jussi walked over to Jyrki and sat down on the bench beside him.
   “You came up with that off the top of your head?”
   “What can I say? You inspire me.” Jyrki said as he walked over to the desk in the corner and picked up a notebook and a pen. He quickly scribbled down the lyrics, then he began working on the music.
   “You want to write down your part Jussi?”
   “I’ll do it later. I think I can remember it till then.”
   “Okay, so what do you want to do now, Babe?”
   “you want to go down to the lake and sit for a bit?”
   “Sure.” Jyrki said as he took Jussi’s hand and they began walking to the lake. Of course they got the few awkward glances now and then, but they ignored them.
   “Why must everybody be so interested in us?”
   “They must think we’re sexy.” Jussi smiled and they walked down the bank to the lake.
   “It’s so calm here. You wouldn’t expect to find a place like this in Helsinki. Would you?”
   “Nope.” Jussi said as he leaned against Jyrki.
   “Jussi are you happy with me?”
   “What do you want to do tonight Jussi?”
   “Have some fun with you.”
   “Fun? That’s not code for anything is it?”
   “Maybe…” Jussi said with a smirk.
   “Well, I can’t wait till tonight then.”
   “Why wait?” Jussi asked as he rolled over on top of Jyrki.
   “Why not?” Jyrki smiled and excepted a warm kiss from his lover. Jussi kissed down Jyrki’s jawline, down his neck, where he gave him a love bite.
   “Fuck Jussi!” Jyrki said as he ground their hips together. Jussi began running his fingers over Jyrki’s chest, underneath his shirt and removed it soon after, gaining better access to his boyfriend’s chest. Jyrki took off Jussi’s shirt as well, getting a satisfied moan from Jussi as he took his nipple into his mouth.
   “God! Jyrki!” Jussi said before Jyrki began working his way down his chest. Jussi flipped them over and unbuckled Jyrki’s belt, untying his pants soon after. He pulled his pants and boxers off and teasingly stroked his boyfriend a few times before he went down on him.
   “Jussi, babe! God that feels so good.” Jussi continued to suck and kiss Jyrki’s cock, as Jyrki gripped his hair tightly. Jyrki shuddered as Jussi teased his slit, and he moaned as Jussi took his fully into his mouth.
   “Fuck Jussi!” Jyrki groaned as he pulled hard on Jussi’s hair. Jussi began to swallow around Jyrki’s full length and Jyrki couldn’t hold back any longer. Jyrki emptied his load into Jussi’s mouth and Jussi lapped at his now limp cock for a few moments before climbing up to look at his lover placing a warm kiss on his lips. Jyrki deepened the kiss, tasting himself in Jussi’s mouth. Jussi finally pulled away and rolled off Jyrki’s body, putting his head on his shoulder as Jyrki stuffed himself back into his pants, quickly tying them back. Jyrki’s eyes shut as he leaned back against the tree trunk with a smile on his face.
   “I don’t know about you, but I’m awfully hard.” Jussi purred. Jyrki’s eyes shot open and he looked over at Jussi.
   “I guess I have to take care of that then, huh?” Jussi smirked and relaxed against the tree as Jyrki quickly ripped open his jeans and pulled him out immediately taking his cock into his mouth. Jussi arched as his cock fully hardened in Jyrki’s mouth and he cried out, as Jyrki sucked hard and deep throated, not slowing down his pace one bit.
   “Jy-rki s-slow down! I’m gonna cum!” Jyrki just smirked up at Jussi and soon Jussi was coming hard in Jyrki’s mouth, body shaking from the intensity of his orgasm. Jyrki smiled and put Jussi back in his pants and zipped them back up.
   “You like that love?” Jussi was still shaking a bit and he swallowed hard as he nodded. Jyrki wrapped his arms around Jussi and they both lay back against the tree, both closing their eyes.
   “I love you Jussi.”
   “Mina rakustaa sinua, Kulta.” Jyrki grinned again and petted his lover’s hair.
   “Jussi…can I ask you a question?”
   “Sure.” He whispered sleepily.
   “Jussi…. If I were a chick would you marry me?”

2 weeks later
   Jussi was waiting for Jyrki to return with dessert. Well mostly he was waiting for the night of passion after dessert. When he returned he placed a kiss on Jussi’s cheek before handing him his ice cream.
“Jussi I’ve been meaning to ask you something…”
“Ask away”
“Well…you see I…never mind it can wait…”
“Ok…if you’re sure…”
After dinner, they walked out to the balcony hand in hand. They stood quietly for a while, enjoying the view of Helsinki.
“Jussi…. About what I was gonna ask you earlier…We’ve been seeing each other for about a year now and I’ve loved you since we first met and I know will never truly be able to have a family, but…” Jyrki got down on one knee. “Will you marry me?”
    Jussi didn’t know what to say. He’d been proposed to by crazy fans sure, but Jyrki? The love of his life?
    “th…that’s okay…” “Jyrki” “I understand…” “Jyrki” “ You want a family some day…” “Jyrki!” Jyrki looked up at Jussi with tears in his eyes.
   “Yes. I couldn’t think of anyone better than you to spend the rest of my life with.  You mean the world to me and I want to be with you forever.” Jyrki smiled and took the ring out of his pocket and slipped it on Jussi’s finger. It was a silver ring with the ankh sign on it and their names engraved on the inside. Once Jyrki got to his feet, they kissed passionately. And when they finally parted Jussi’s arms remained around Jyrki in a hug, as did Jyrki’s.
    “I love you Jussi. With All My Heart.”
   “I love you too, Kulta. With all my heart as well.”
   Jyrki picked Jussi up bridal style and carried him upstairs to the bedroom.
   “I guess I won’t be wearing white for the wedding.”
   “Definately not.” Jyrki said as he put him down on the bed.
   “What do you think the guys will say?”
   “Hopefully they’ll be happy for us. And besides at least half of them are gay or bi too so…”
   “So they’re bound to be okay with it…And we need to get you a ring too.” Jyrki smiled and reach into the bedside drawer, pulling out a matching ring and sliding it onto his finger. He then kissed Jussi sweetly before taking off his shirt.
   “I Love you baby.”
   “Love you too.” They whispered in each other’s ears. Jyrki then removed his own shirt and climbed on top of Jussi.
    “Jyrki…can I make love to you tonight?” Jyrki raised an eyebrow.
    “Now why would you want to do that love?”
    “Well…last time…I thought you…”
    “Liked it? Liked being fucked?” Jyrki asked before he sucked on Jussi’s neck. Right on the spot that makes him shiver and moan.
    “Y…yeah.” Jyrki laughed deeply.
    “Jussi….you of most people should know what I like. What do you think I like most?” Jyrki asked wickedly as he ran his hand over the bulge in Jussi’s pants.
    “I…I don’t know…Being in control?”
    “Yes, but that’s not quite it…think again…” Jyrki said as he continued to caress Jussi through his pants.
    “I…ugh…anal beads?”
    “Fuck…oh…I…uh…b-blood play?”
    “Think hard, Kulta.”
    “It’s kinda difficult to think hard when I’m getting hard! Ugh…handcuffs.”
    “Nope…I guess I’ll just tell you. The thing that I like most is…being with you. You mean everything to me. And I do enjoy you making love to me. I love you with all my heart and soul.” He said softening up his tone and caressing Jussi’s cheek with his other hand. Jussi smiled and kissed Jyrki, pouring his very heart and soul into the kiss. When the pulled apart to breathe, Jussi rolled them over so he was on top.
    “Jyrki…why me? When you could have anyone in the world. I know you love me but, I’m not drop dead gorgeous, I’m not artistic or creative, I can’t cook, and I’m horribly messy.”
   “You are extremely gorgeous love. And we wouldn’t have any drumming in our songs if you weren’t creative. You can cook…aside from dessert, you’re a wonderful cook. And yeah you’re horribly messy, but I’m horribly tidy so together we make a great pair.” Jussi smiled, but it soon faded to a serious frown.
    “But…I have scars…”
   “Everyone has scars, kulta.”
   “Not like mine…” The conversation had turned serious now and all thoughts of endless passion were set aside till after they talked. Jussi got off Jyrki and cuddled up to his side.
    “Jussi…will you tell me the truth about the scars?”
    “My…dad abused me Jyrki…”
    “I know that…you’ve told me before…” Jyrki said with a puzzled look on his face.
    “It vasn’t just physical Jyrks…it was sexual too…”
    “Oh my god, babe.”
    “Yeah…he just…he was so cruel to me…and he sold me out to other people just to make some fast cash. He didn’t care about my feelings…never.” Jussi said  as tears started pouring from his eyes. Jyrki hushed his sobs and comforted his love, his fiancé, his friend.
    “I don’t know what to say, Mon amour… besides I can’t believe he did that to you and that at least now you have someone that cares about you and would never hurt you.”
    “You’re right…”Jussi whispered into his chest. “I do have someone who loves me…and I should be thankful for that and be happy in the present, instead of dwelling in the horrible past.” Jyrki nodded and held Jussi until his tears dried. They began to kiss again and Jussi finally cheered up. He rolled on top of Jyrki again and unzipped his pants. He pulled down his pants, and started laughing uncontrollably when he saw Jyrki’s pink boxers.
   “Vhat? Vhat’s wrong with them?”
   “They’re pink!”
   “The only thing you ever seem to wear is black and fucking red!”
   “Well pink is sorta a shade of red!”
   “Nu Uh!”
   “Uh huh! And besides I like pink!”
   “There’s only one shade of pink I like…” Jussi said with a smile.
   “Oh really? So what shade is it then?” Jyrki asked with a smirk. Jussi’s smile softened and he ran his thumb over Jyrki’s lips gently. Jyrki smiled and they kissed gently.
    “God Jussi…one minute you’re annoying as hell, and the next you’re so fucking sweet.”
    “But that’s what you like about me right?”
    “I like every single thing about you, Kulta.” Jussi blushed and tucked his fingers under the waistband of Jyrki’s underwear. He then pulled them all the way down Jyrki’s long legs.
     “Just the sight of your body, makes me moan Jyrks…even after a year…I’m sill surprised at it’s beauty.” Jyrki smiled and started to pull off Jussi’s incredibly low pants, but Jussi swatted his hand away.
    “Ah! I’m in charge remember?” Jyrki nodded and laid his head back down against the pillows, waiting for his lover’s next action. Jussi smiled wickedly at him and ran his hands over Jyrki’s body. He took Jyrki’s member in his hand and began to pump slowly, making his lover moan.
   “Mmm shit Jussi…” Jussi smiled and tightened his grip on Jyrki’s erection a little, before taking the very sensitive head in his mouth. Jyrki shivered and bucked up into Jussi’s mouth. Jussi began to bob his head up and down, which made Jyrki moan and grab Jussi’s hair. Suddenly Jussi stopped and pulled away.
    “Ah ah ah…” Jussi said to Jyrki as one does to a child. “Remember who’s in charge.” Jyrki groaned, but hushed up after that.
    “Jyrki…I was just wondering something…” Jussi said as he teasingly drew circles on Jyrki’s abdomen.
    “Hmm…” Jyrki asked panting, seriously needing to get off now.
    “Jyrki…I was wondering why we both have 69 at the end of our names….but we’ve never actually had sex in the 69 position.”
    “I…I don’t know! Please Jussi Just finish me off.”
    “See….I was thinking it’d be kind of fun, and it is one of my favorite positions…you want to try it out?”
    “Okay!Okay! Well try it! Now suck me off!” Jussi grinned and took off his pants and underwear, before climbing on top of Jyrki. Jussi moaned as he felt Jyrki’s mouth close around his hard on, and he made Jyrki arch up as he took him in his mouth once again. Jussi sucked hard, which made Jyrki suck hard. That made Jussi moan, which sent vibrations all through Jyrki’s body and he mirrored Jussi’s moans. They both began to bob their heads up and down and they came in unison.
   Jussi got off his lover and rolled to his side, catching his breath for a moment and contemplating his next move. His lips met Jyrki’s for a moment and he earned entrance to Jyrki’s mouth almost instantly, both tasting each other while tongues battled for dominance. Jussi won and kissed Jyrki hard, before pulling away and getting off the bed.
   “Where the hell are you going?”
   “To get some lube…unless you want it to hurt like hell.”
   “Isn’t there some in the drawer though?”
   “Nope we used it.”
   “We just bought it last week.”
   “Well it’s not my fault we have a lot of sex.” Jussi said with a smirk as he walked into the adjacent bathroom. Jyrki heard Jussi looking underneath the sink for an extra bottle.
   “I can’t find any!” Jussi said from the bathroom.
   “Damn!” Jyrki said as he began looking through the bedside tables just to be sure there wasn’t any.
    “Can’t we use soap or lotion or something?”
    “We don’t have any!”
    “How do we not have lotion or soap?”
    “I don’t fucking know! OW!” Jussi yelled and Jyrki heard a loud thud.
    “Darling! Are you okay?”
    “Yeah… the fucking hair dryer fell on my head is all…” Jyrki gave up looking through the drawers and got out of bed to help Jussi.
     “Maybe there’s some downstairs.” Jyrki said as he helped Jussi up out of the floor. Jussi laughed.
    “Or we could ask the neighbors for some.”
    “Our only neighbors are 2 miles down the road, AND an elderly couple might I add.”
    “What makes you think they don’t have sex?”
    “It’s not that…it’s just how would you ask someone for that?”
    “Excuse me Mrs. Robinson, may we borrow a cup of lube.” Jyrki laughed.
    “There’s got to be some somewhere in this house!” Jussi said as he took Jyrki’s hand and led him out of the room.
    “Jussi! The Fucking windows are open!”
    “Like I care! Who’s gonna see us anyvay? The Robinsons?” Jussi said as they walked down the stairs.
    “Maybe there’s some in Bazie’s room…”
    “No Jussi! We’re not going in there! I refuse to steal from my friend!”
   “Good thing I don’t have a problem with it!”
   “Oh Fine! What’s your idea then?”
   “I don’t know! The kitchen?”
   “The kitchen? What the fuck? Why would there be lube in the kitchen?”
   “I don’t know! Maybe there’s something we can use in there!”
   “Like what? Cooking oil?” Jussi said with a laugh. “Sorry to say darling, I’m not a fucking fish!”
   “I was thinking chocolate syrup.”
   “We’re out!” Jussi said as he looked through the fridge, shivering as the cold air hit his body.
   “What do we have that’s slick? Ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, butter, and some odd gooey green stuff in a jar that I’m definitely not putting on my dick!”
    “Eww…maybe borrowing some from Bazie isn’t a bad idea after all…” Jussi sighed and took Jyrki’s hand once again, leading him into Bazie’s room. He began looking through his drawers and throwing his stuff around frantically.
   “Jussi! Try to be neater! You might break something!”
   “Like what? A fucking glass guitar?” Jussi said as he pulled a shirt out of one of the drawers, sending a pink object flying across the room.”
   “Dammit Jussi!” Jyrki said as he went to retrieve it.
   “I found the lube!” Jussi said triumphantly.
   “Well put it back!” Jyrki said as his face turned red.
   “What!? Why?!”
   “Because there’s stuff in here he probably doesn’t want us to see.” Jyrki said as he picked up the pink object and ran with it to the drawer.
   “A Fucking dildo?!”
   “Jussi! Put the lube back!”
   “Fine!” Jussi said as he threw it back into the drawer. He covered it up with the shirt and shut the drawer.
   “Ville and Timo probably have a bottle setting out in the open somewhere. I don’t think they’d mind if we used theirs.”
   “Fine, lets go! I’m Horny!” Jussi said as he once again took Jyrki’s hand and led him upstairs to Timo and Ville’s room. He immediately spotted the lube on the table next to a pair of handcuffs and a blindfold. He grabbed the bottle and ran with Jyrki back to their room. Jussi threw Jyrki on the bed and jumped on top of him. He spread Jyrki’s legs before lubing up his fingers and inserting two inside his lover.
   “God! Jussi Calm Down!” Jyrki said as Jussi surprised him with the cold digits.
   “Sorry…I’m just a bit excited.” Jyrki smiled and scooted up a bit against the pillows. He laid his head back against the pillows and waited for his tight entrance to loosen up. He nodded when he was ready and Jussi began to thrust his fingers in and out adding a few scissoring motions to make sure Jyrki was stretched good.
   “Please Jussi! I’m ready!”
   “You sure?”
   “Okay!” Jussi said as he lubed up his cock and placed more around Jyrki’s entrance. He slowly began to push in and stopped about half way, when Jyrki howled in pain.
   “It’s alright babe, not your fault. Just give me a sec.” Jussi stayed as still as death, being sure not to hurt his lover. After a while, Jyrki finally opened his eyes and nodded to Jussi to go on. He gently pushed in the rest of the way and let Jyrki get used to the feeling. He then began to thrust in and out slowly, watching his lover’s expressions turn from pain to pleasure.
    “Oh Jussi…Fuck…” Jyrki whispered in Jussi’s ear as Jussi brushed over his spot. Jussi picked up the pace a bit and Jyrki arched his hips up to meet Jussi’s as he slammed into his spot. Jussi thrust harder and faster and they moaned as their sweat slicked bodies thrust with each other, becoming one fluid motion. Jussi found the perfect pace to make Jyrki moan uncontrollably, but not cum.
    “God Jyrki! You feel so good!” Jussi said as his lips met Jyrki’s in a heated and passionate kiss. Jussi could have screamed from all the pleasure he was feeling, but Jyrki’s lip lock on him, prevented him from doing so.
    “Mmmmmmmm!!!!! Jyrki moaned into his mouth as his eyes shot open. They pulled apart and Jussi’s thrusts became erratic. He began to pump Jyrki off fast and hard, causing Jyrki to moan.
    “Oh! OH!OH!OH!OH!OH!OH!OH! Jussi!!!” Jyrki moaned as he spasmed and came and covering their stomachs in his cum. Jussi followed soon after, emptying his seed within his beautiful lover. Jussi smiled and pulled out of the still shaking Jyrki. He took Jyrki into his arms and gently placed a kiss on his quivering lips.
   “You alright dear?”
   “Shh…it’s alright.” Jyrki rested his head on Jussi’s chest and he finally spoke after the last of the shakes left his body.
   “J-Jussi…that was the best sex I’ve ever had in my life.” Jussi smiled and kissed his forehead. Jyrki was too tired to move. He just kept his head on Jussi’s chest. He’d never been this exhausted in his life.
   “I can honestly say I’ve never made anyone shake before.” Jussi said with a giggle. Jyrki smiled and shut his eyes.
   “I love you Kulta.”
   “Love you too, Jussi.” Jussi let Jyrki get comfortable in his arms and turned off the lamp. It was then that Jussi realized that he’d never held Jyrki before. Jyrki was always so strong. He never cried and was always the more dominant one in the relationship. But Jussi had to admit it felt nice having his boyfriend curled up against him. Jyrki wasn’t his boyfriend anymore though. He was his fiancé. His Fiancé. Jussi kept saying it over in his head. They were getting married and Jussi was happy. He was finally truly happy. Jyrki knew everything about him and there were no more secrets to hide from his love. Jussi removed an arm from his love only for a second to pull the covers up over their bodies. He then wrapped his arm back around Jyrki protectively. He would never let anything in the world hurt him. Ever. Soon soft snores could be heard from Jyrki and Jussi watched his lover sleep for a while before drifting off himself.       

AN: Sorry about not posting...i know i sound like a broken record , but a lot has been going on and i don't seem to have the time to write anymore, let alone post. I really do apologize, but i promise to finish this story to where i'll be able to pick it up again where i left off. That is you still want me to continue it.
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