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Finnish Sinners

Hot Finnish Rockers Slashed.

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>>I N T R O D U C T I O N<<

What do Ville Valo, Jyrki69, Jonne Aaron and Jussi69 have in common? Yes, they are Finnish rockers. Yes, they are hot Finnish rockers.

And yes, people do write slash about them.

I decided to create this community when I realized that there was no place where I could post my pervy Jyrki/Jussi and Jussi/Jonne-fiction in, and then I got an idea for this community - why not make it a journal where anyone who writes slash about them could post?

So anyway - Welcome to Finnish Sinners.

>>R U L E S<<

1. Each and every fic must include a Finnish rocker.
-No matter how many people you include in the main pairing, one of them must be a Finnish rocker. For example, Ville Valo/Bam Margera is totally acceptable, and for example Twiggy Ramirez/Jussi69 sounds more than tempting ;)

2. No promoting or pimping without my permission.
-If you create a new community and you crave for new members, you can ask me if you can pimp your community or website in my community. Just a hint - you're more likely to get a permission if your community is devoted to hot rockers ;)

3. Respect the mighty ©.
-In other words, do not post fan fiction written by someone else.

4. Post all posts in Friends Only.
-This is just because I don't want the fics to be read by people who shouldn't read them.

5. Be nice.
-Even though you wouldn't like someone's writing style, don't attack them. Be nice. <3

6. I'm warning you:
-Fan fics in this community may be rated NC-17, include S/M or violence or drug use, so if that kind of stuff disturbs you, I think you'd better leave.


>>I N F O R M A T I O N<<

Please ALWAYS post the fics using this form:

Fic title:

And post the actual fic behind the LJ-cut.

If you need to contact me, silvestra, feel free to do so. All the useful contact info can be found in my userinfo.

If you want to link finsins, you may do so using this lovely banner by seelentraene:

Save to your own server, upload (to for example Photobucket) and link!

>>A F F I L I A T E S<<

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