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Stolen Season Chapter 7

Title: Stolen Season Ch.7

The Next day


(Jyrki’s Pov)

“Mmm…” Jussi groaned as he rolled over onto his side. The lack of warmth made me shiver. I turned on my side and put an arm around him, pulling him closer.

“You got me cold.” I whispered in his ear.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to.”

“I guess I can accept your apology.” He turned around to face me and I trapped him in my arms.


“Much better.” He kissed me sweetly and settled under the covers.

“Mmm…You get me a cigarette Jyrki?”

“No. I don’t wanna get up. I’m all snuggled and warm.”

“I need to smoke. I’m having nicotine fit.”

“You need to quit.”

“No quitting sucks. I’ve tried before, and those patch thingies don’t work.”

“Well getting out of a warm bed on a cold morning just for cigarettes sucks.”

“Please Jyrki. They’re in my bag beside the bed. You don’t have to really get up.”

“Fine.” I said as I reach over and took out his lighter and cigarettes.

“I’m gonna smell like smoke all day now.” I said as I handed them to him.

“You already do, cause you’re always around me.”

“I guess so. I’ll probably get cancer from the second hand smoke.”

“I don’t want you to get cancer.”

“I don’t want you to either, so maybe you should stop smoking.”

“I’ll try.”

“Thank you, Jussi.” I said as I kissed his lips. He handed the lighter back to me and threw the cigarettes back in his bag.

“You made me move for no reason at all.”

“Sorry. You still love me don’t you?”

“Of course I still love you babe. You’re the love of my life.”

“And you’re mine Jyrki.”

“You want to go get breakfast now?”

“No, I want to stay in bed all day with you.”

“What about our shower?”

“In a couple of hours.” He said as he shut his eyes.

Back In Helsinki

(Normal POV)


“Sorry Timo.” Ville said as he dropped his end of the bed rail to tend to Timo’s foot.

“Are you okay Babe?”

“No! My foot hurts!”

“Do you want some ice for it?” Ville asked as he took off Timo’s shoe and sock.

“It’s turning kinda purple.”

“Oh that’s good to know.”

“You want to go to the hospital?”

“No I’ll be alright.”

“Here I’ll make it better.” Ville said as he kissed Timo’s foot.

“A little better.” Timo said with a smile.

“Good.” Timo put on his sock and shoe back on and Ville helped him stand up.

“Maybe we should take the smaller boxes out first.”

“I think that’s a good idea.” Ville said as he grabbed a box full of Cds. All The cds fell to the floor as the bottom of the box broke. Ville sighed.

“This is going to be a long day.

Across Town

(Normal POV)

*phone rings*

“Hello?” Bazie asked sleepily.

“Hey Bazie, it’s me.”

“Hey Theon, what’s up?”

“Nothing I was just waiting to call you.”


“Yeah I didn’t want to wake you up too early. I didn’t did I?”

“No, I was eating breakfast.”

“Oh ok. Are you doing anything tonight Baze?”

“Nope, I haven’t made any plans.”

“Do you want to come see us play tonight? I can get you a VIP pass so you can come backstage.”

“I’d Love To, Where are you going to be playing?”


“Wow. Big time.”

“Yeah, I know. I’m nervous. And I’ll pick you up before the show. We can hang out for a little while. Maybe you can help me calm my nerves.”

“You just want to make out with me before the show, don’t you?”


“Well it sounds great to me. I love making out with you.”



“Do you…wanna get a hotel tonight?”

“I Uhh…I guess so.”

“Okay see you tonight. Bye.”


Bazie hung up the phone and ran upstairs to prepare for his date.

(Timo-Timo’s POV)

My foot still hurt from earlier, but being with Ville helped take my mind off it. I was waiting for Ville to return. He gone to get Bazie and I sat down on my mattress in the corner. The rest of my bed was in a box in the hallway, ready to be taken away.

“Slacking on the job Timo?” Bazie asked as they walked in.

“No, just waiting for you two.”

“Do you think I look alright Timo?”



“You hardly ever ask that…You have a date?”

“Yeah, Theon invited me to the concert tonight.”


“So where’s the bed?”

“In the hallway. We need to get this mattress out first though.”

“Why didn’t you already do it?”

“It’s too heavy.”

“You’re both girly guys.”

“Yeah you’re right. That’s why we have a strong girly man like you to help us.”

“I’m not a girly man.”

“Who’s the less dominant one in your relationship Bazie?”

“I guess I am.”

“Then technically you’re the girl.”

“I’m not a girl.”

“When you have sex who gets fucked? You or Theon?”

“None of your business! Let’s just move the fucking bed!”

“Ville leave him alone.”

“Alright. Sorry Bazie. I was just kidding you know.”

“Yeah I know.” Bazie said as he lifted up the mattress and pushed it out the door. He helped us put Ville’s bed together in my room and we all put the mattress on.

“Thanks Bazie.” I said as I gave him a hug.

“You’re welcome and don’t get worried if I don’t come home tonight. I’m gonna be rockin’ all night.

“Oh so we get the house all alone tonight?” Ville said as he wrapped his arms around my waist.

“We can break in the bed.”

“It’s already been broken in.”

“Many many times.” I said with a grin.

“Ok. I’m gonna go know.” Bazie said as he walked hastily out the door.

“The rest of my shit is downstairs. Will you help me get it?”

“Yeah.” I said as he took my hand and led me downstairs.

(Bazie’s POV)

I was sitting on the steps, waiting for Theon, when 2 guys in a black car pulled up.

“Bazie?” The driver asked after he opened the car door.


“Theon told me to pick you up.”

“Oh, right.” I said as I got into the car.

“Why didn’t Theon pick me up?”

“He was going to pick you up, but he forgot that he had an interview. He’s going to meet us at the club. I’m Vivian by the way, and that’s Jules in the back.

“Nice to meet you both.”

I Found Theon sitting at a table by the stage. The club was empty, aside from a few people.

“Hey Theon.” I said after I kissed him on the cheek.

“Finally! I’ve been waiting for ever for you!” He said as he stood up and hugged me tight. He then brought his lips to mine and kissed me deeply. I felt my face turning red, still a little embarrassed about being with another guy in public.

“Bazie?” I heard a familiar voice say behind me and we broke apart. I turned around to see my ex-girlfriend.


“I knew there was something wrong with you when I was dating you! You’re a fag!”

“I’m Bi!”

“You were still kissing a guy!”


“It’s none of your business anyway so fuck off!” Theon said harshly.

“I hate girls!” Theon said as he sat back down.

“You’re gay not bi?”

“Yeah, girls are just not worth the time. It’s easier having a relationship with a man because they just…get you. You know?”


“So…you wanna go backstage and get away from all the chaos?”

“Yeah let’s go.” He took my hand and we walked backstage. I sat down on the couch and Theon jumped on me, straddling my legs.

“I missed you.” He said as he kissed down my jaw line and neck.

“Missed you too.” I whispered back. Barely able to believe that this beautiful man was kissing me like that. Barely able to believe that this man is mine.

My body was also responding to having this amazing man on my. He grinned at me.

“Am I turning you on babe?”

“Yeah.” I moaned as he grinded his hips against mine.

“Oh, so I’m getting you hard am I?”


“Too bad. You’ll just have to wait till tonight.” Theon said with a smirk.

“I’ll be sure to shake my ass for you on stage.”


(Jussi’s POV)

Jyrki and I had just lain in bed all day together, aside for the few minutes we took a shower.

“Jussi, my love?” Jyrki asked me as he stroked my hair from beside me. I was lying on my back with my arm around Jyrki, holding him close.

“Yeah Jyrks?”

“Do you remember when we ran away together?”

“How could I forget?”

*Flash Back*

(Normal POV)

“What the hell is this?” Jussi’s father yelled as he walked in on Jussi and his boyfriend kissing.

“Dad. I ugh…” He punched Jussi hard in the jaw.

“You have 10 minutes to pack your shit and get out of the house.”

“Dad no please!”

“Pack now!”

Jussi was terrified. His boyfriend had run out of the house leaving Jussi alone. He was just doing what felt right in his heart. He was confused. Not sure about his sexuality. He began to cry as he stuffed his most precious possessions in his bag. The picture of his mother, his diary, his drumsticks, cds, and his razorblades.”

He crammed a pillow and some of his favorite outfits in the bag. He grabbed his cell phone and stuck it in his pocket as he ran downstairs and out the door. Once he got down the street he called one of the true friends he could rely on.

“Jyrki, hey it’s me. Can you meet me down by the lake? Dad just found me and Jukka making out and he kicked me out.”

“Yeah, I’ll be there in 10 minutes. Bye.”

“Mom, I need to meet Jussi, I’ll be back later.”

“No Jyrki, you can’t go, I don’t want you hanging out with him. He’s a bad influence.”

“Why? Because he’s Bi?”

“Among other things.”

Jyrki wouldn’t dare tell his mother. She’d have a breakdown if she knew. Jyrki’s face almost turned red in anger as he ran upstairs and slammed the door. He quickly dialed Jussi’s number.

“Hey it’s me. I might be a little late, but I’ll be there as soon as I can, Jus. Bye.”

Jyrki quickly crammed 3 bags full of supplies, because he knew he’d probably never be able to come home after this. He stuffed a few blankets and pillows, along with some money in one bag. His clothes in another. And his books of lyrics in the last. He tied a sheet around all 3 bags and lowered them slowly to the ground to the back of the house.

Why his mom was distracted by her boyfriend in one room, Jyrki ran out the door and to the back of the house. He picked up the bags and ran to the lake.

He found Jussi sobbing next to their tree. They always sit beneath it. Jyrki let the bags fall from his arms and he ran to Jussi.

Jussi was always happy to see Jyrki. He was a very awkward teenager, but Jussi admired him. His long black hair, eyeliner, and those leather pants. A look Jussi tried to copy on his own. Jyrki sat down beside his best friend.

“He…just wouldn’t listen. I tried so hard to make him understand.” Jussi said as he turned to Jyrki. Jyrki put his arms around Jussi, letting him cry freely in his arms.

“Shh…” Jyrki said soothingly and he rubbed Jussi’s back, which always seemed to calm him.

“He wouldn’t listen.” Jussi whispered desperately.

“That doesn’t matter now Jussi. All that matters is that you’re away from that abusive son of a bitch.” Jyrki said as he kissed Jussi’s cheek. He didn’t mean to, it just came naturally, and it seemed to do some good to calm Jussi.

“It’ll be okay.” Jussi nodded and rubbed at his eyes.

“The sun’s starting to set, we better make a fire.”

They gathered a pile of firewood and Jussi lit it with his lighter.

“Are you going to stay Jyrki?”

“Of course. I wouldn’t think of leaving.”

“Jukka called me Jyrki. He said that he didn’t think we were working out and he broke up with me. You’re the only good thing in my life.”

“And you’re the only good thing in mine Jussi.”

Jyrki laid out the blankets and pillows and thanked god that it was summer. At least they wouldn’t freeze to death.

They both snuggled up under the warm blankets. Jussi laid his head on Jyrki’s chest and Jyrki wrapped his arms around his sweet and loving best friend.



“Will you be mine? Will you promise never to leave me?”

“I’d like that very much Jussi. And I’m not going to leave you ever, I vow that to you.” Jussi sat up and kissed his boyfriend’s lips. When they pulled apart they both smiled and Jyrki spoke.

“Maybe you should try and get some sleep Babe; you’ve had a rough day.” Jyrki said as he guided him to lay back down with his head on his chest. Jyrki then wrapped his arms back around Jussi. He gently stroked Jussi’s hair and tearstained face. He caringly kissed the bruising skin on Jussi’s jaw and Jussi slowly began to drift off.

“Goodnight Jussi.”

“Goodnight Jyrki Thanks for saving me.”
Ok so my sister is getting mad at me for always being in her room and typing my story, so i'm gonna type it on my laptop, problem is it doesn't have internet so i have to buy some floppy disk thingys, the problem with that is our new computer doesn't have a floppy slot, so i have to wait to go over to my friends house to post it. So sorry if i don't post for a week or two. And secondly, I might be ending the story soon. 5 or 6 chapters?? Cause i don't think i have many readers so yeah. But if you guys really like it tell me and i can start another story line in there, make it a little longer. Well tata for now sweethearts, Hugs & Heartagrams -Della 69

Pairing: Jyrki69/Jussi69, Timo-Timo/Ville Valo, Bazie/Theon
Rating: mmm...pg-14?? i guess, bad language and such
Disclaimer: I don't own these beautiful people (Though if i did i would be much happier) this never happened and never will. (That i know of)

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:P okay i'll write more :D basically i'm only writting for two people so i guess i can custonmize it :D got any ideas you'd like me to add??? characters or something?? i was thinking about adding jonne arron...maybe...hmmm..
:P okay i'll write more :D basically i'm only writting for two people so i guess i can custonmize it :D got any ideas you'd like me to add??? characters or something?? i was thinking about adding jonne arron...maybe...hmmm..

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