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Stolen Season ch.8

Title: Stolen Season
Author: jussisgirl13
Pairing: Jussi69/Jyrki69, ville valo/Timo Bazie/Theon
Rating: R
Disclaimer: i don't own these beautiful people this never happened and this never will.

Chapter 8

Present time


(Jyrki’s POV)


I lay there peacefully with Jussi, recalling the time we spent together by the lake. Our lake. To this day we still go there and it will always be our lake.

“Jyrki, why didn’t we work out back then?”

“I don’t know I guess we just worked out better as best friends back then.”

“I’m glad we stayed friends though. We’d never be together now if we hadn’t.”

“I’m glade stayed friends too, Babe.” Jussi yawned sleepily and I reach over in my bag and pulled out one of Jussi’s favorite treats.

“Turn over Babe.” I said softly. He did so, putting his face into the pillow. I poured some of the oil on my hands and rubbed them together, warming the oil. I slowly began massaging his neck, shoulders, and back, and soon he was snoring peacefully. I wiped the excess oil off my hands onto the sheets and gathered my sweet little Jussi into my arms.

“Goodnight Babe.” I whispered quietly. I heard a satisfied grunt and then more snores.

Bazie’s POV

The show had been wonderful. I was a bit nervous about getting a hotel with Theon, but you’ve got to have your first time eventually.

“How about I take care of that problem of yours now?” Theon asked as he straddled my body once we were on the bed.

“T…Theon…You know I’ve never done this before. With a guy I mean.”

“I was pretty sure you hadn’t. The whole I don’t know if I like guys or not thing sort of tipped me off.”

“So you’re okay with it?”

“Yeah, I love first timers.”

“Okay.” I said with a smile. He got off me and pulled me out of the bed.

“I’ll try to be easy with you.” He said as he threw me up against the wall, ripping off my clothes, and his soon after. He didn’t bother to stretch me out; he just spit into his hand and coated his erection with it, slamming hard into me. I let out a howl of pain, tears coming to me eyes. My body slowly relaxed and it began to feel good.

“Theon!” I cried out as he hit my spot. He began to stroke me with his thrusts and my body began to shake with pleasure. I had never felt such intense pleasure in my life and right now I was in heaven. It was over much too soon as our cries of release filled the room and Theon’s hot seed scalded my insides.

Theon pulled out after he came and let me collapse to the floor. He walked across the room and put on his clothes. He then walked back over to me.

“It was fun babe, but I just don’t think we’re going to work out.” He said with a smirk. “Such a shame too, you were a damn good fuck.” Tears threatened to stream down my face, but I held them back. His only goal was to have sex with me. He lied to me. Tears began to flow freely as he walked out of the room and shut the door behind him.

“B…But I…I love you.” I whispered, sobbing now. I crawled over to where my pants were and I took my cell phone out of my pocket. I dialed Timo’s number, but his cell was turned off. I called Ville and only got his voice mail. Jussi and Jyrki were in Paris, so I couldn’t call them. Archzie wasn’t the relationship type, so he wouldn’t know what to do. So I called the only other friend I knew I could count on.

“Hello?” I heard the familiar British accented voice say.

“D…Dani.” I cried.

“Baze? That you?”

“Yeah can you come and pick me up?”

“Sure. Where are you?”

“Some crappy hotel by Tavastia. It has a red roof. Room 606.”

“Alright. I’ll be there in 5.”

I didn’t know where my clothes were. I didn’t know where anything was. All I could do was take the blanket off the bed and put it over my lower half as I held my knees and cried. Suddenly I heard a knock on the door.

“Come in.” I said through sniffles. Dani raised an eyebrow as he saw me when he walked in.

“Bazie, What’s wrong?” He asked softly. He shut the door and walked over to me, sitting beside me on the floor.

“Theon used me. He only wanted to go out with me for the sex.” I wept. Dani unexpectedly wrapped his arms around me.

“I’ve been there. Believe me I have. Some men just want a good fuck. That’s just the way they are. You can’t change them Baze.”

“I f…fell in love with him!” I yelled.

“Shh…” Dani whispered calmly.

“I don’t see how anyone could do you like that Bazie. You’re such an amazing guy.

“I think I’m a bad boyfriend.” I said as Dani stood up.

“No, I’m sure you’re a wonderful boyfriend Baze. Theon just wasn’t right for you.” He said as he picked up my clothes and brought them to me. I quickly dressed and followed him to his car.

“Do you want me to drive you home? You’re welcome to stay with me if you want.”

“Could I?” I just need a break.”

“Sure. My bed is definitely big enough.”

At Dani’s

My ass had become sore on the ride over and Dani had to help me walk to his room. Dani helped me undress down to my underwear and helped me into the bed. Dani undressed as well and got into bed with me.

“Just try and sleep Bazie.” He said as he put an arm around me and pulled me close to his body. I have to admit Dani is a good cuddler.

“Dani, are you a relationship kind of person.” He smiled and began running his fingertips over my face.

“Very much so. Will you go out with me Baze?”

“Only if you promise not to hurt me like Theon did.”

“I would never do that.” I smiled and slowly shut my eyes.

“Thank you Dani. And good night.”

“You’re welcome, little one, sweet dreams.”

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