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stolen season ch. 10 & 11


Title: Stolen season ch. 10&11


Pairing: Jussi69/Jyrki69
Rating: R-ish??
Disclaimer: don't own the beautiful people, just write about them. this never happened and never will


Present Time

(Jussi’s POV)

Everything comes out eventually though. All the secrets. All the dirt. And Jyrki still loves me, even after my secrets came out. Though there remains only one secret that I keep hidden from my love. I’ve never told him what my father did to me. I know that he knows I was abused, I doubted he knew it was sexual. Our childhoods were completely different. Jyrki grew up with a loving mother that took care of him, and most of the time I was taking care of myself. Jyrki felt safe at home, and I couldn’t wait to go to school so I could get away from the pain and fear, if only for a few hours. I doubt Jyrki has even thought about hurting himself, and I used to cut all the time. And how Jyrki could ever fall in love with me, a hurt and wounded soul, I had no idea.

“Jyrki where is my net shirt?”

“The one with the hood? Cause I have that one on.”

“Yeah and holy fuck you’re wearing mesh! Let me see!” I said as I ran into the bathroom. Jyrki finished putting on his eyeliner and put it back in his makeup bag along with all his other items on the sink.

“Wow. Jyrki. Wow.” Was all I could say.

“I guess I look good?”

“You look amazing.” He smiled at me.

“Jyrki, I don’t want to leave Paris. It’s great here. No one bothers you and its romantic.”

“I don’t want to leave either, my love.” Jyrki said as he put his arms around my waist. “But all good things come to an end sooner or later.”

“All good things?”

“Well maybe not all good things.” He said as he took my hand and kissed every painted finger.

“I don’t want us to come to an end. I love you too much.” Jyrki sighed.

“We all die eventually Jussi. It’s the way of life. And for some people that end comes sooner than they expected.” Jyrki whispered. Sorrow crept over my heart. I never want to loose Jyrki. To be apart from him would break my heart. If he were to die there would remain a hole in my soul.

“Jyrki, I want to be with you forever.”

“And hopefully we will be.” He said as he hugged me.

“Jussi I just want to let you know, if something happens to me, or to you, that I’ll always love you. More than anything.”

“I’ll always love you too, babe.” Jyrki smiled as he pulled away from me.

“You ready to go?”

“Yeah.” I said as I picked up my bags and followed Jyrki to the cab waiting outside the hotel. And as I boarded the plane with my love, a part of my heart stayed in Paris.


(Normal POV)

Bazie feared to leave Dani’s home. He hadn’t been back to the house since Theon broke up with him. He didn’t want to hear all the shit that the guys would say. Besides, Dani was all the comfort Bazie needed. He was different from Theon. More caring and sensitive. He took care of Bazie well, being sure not to bring anything about Theon up. If he did Bazie would start crying, and Dani hated to see him hurting like that. Dani understood heartache. He had been through many boyfriends and girlfriends, each bringing a different kind of heartache. Dani could tell it would take Bazie a long time to heal. Theon was his first boyfriend and those breakups are always hard. Dani helped Bazie take his mind off it though. With Dani Bazie felt…safe? Happy? Content? Maybe. He made him feel…different. Like he had something to live for. Bazie hoped Dani wouldn’t break his heart. It would kill him. But it would be a while before he truly opened his heart up to Dani. He was scared that he would get hurt again. So he’ll wait. Wait till he can trust Dani completely. Dani had a lot going for him though. He is smart, funny, and is very caring and supportive. Bazie is glad that Theon is letting him stay. Taking care of him, being there for him. He knew eventually though, that he would have to leave the comfort of Dani’s home. Go back out into the cold hearted world. He was scared to do it alone. If Dani came with him, back home for a little while, maybe it would be less scary. Dani is like Bazie’s safety blanket. Protective and warm.

“Bazie, darling, you’re welcome to stay as long as you like, but sooner or later you’ll have to go home.” Dani said as he stroked Bazie’s long mane on hair as his head rested in Dani’s lap. They were lying on the couch together, watching one of their favorite TV programs.

“I’m scared to go home.”

“Why? I’m sure you’re friends miss you. They love you Baze.”

“They’ll ask me about him.”

“Tell them you don’t want to talk about it. They’ll understand.”

“I want them to know. I just…its hard for me to talk about it. I can’t believe I let myself fall in love with him.”

“Breakups are always hard Bazie.”

“Not if you don’t love that person.”

“I think you begin to fall in love with someone right when you meet them. So you love them, whether you want to admit it to yourself or not.” Dani said as he ran his fingers down Bazie’s arm.


“Yeah. I mean doesn’t that make sense? You fall in love with bits of them at a time, like looks, personality, and so on.”

“What about love at first sight?”

“Love at first sight is the same. You fall in love with their looks, but if they fell off the face of the earth, you wouldn’t mind much because you never got the chance to fall in love with their personality.”

“You’re too smart for me Dani.”

“No I’m not Baze, you’re really intelligent.”

“I’m not as smart as you though.”

“Well thank you for the compliment, but I do have to disagree.” Bazie smiled and shut his eyes, blocking out any thoughts in his head, just letting his body feel.

He felt Dani’s fingers running his fingers through his hair and Dani’s other hand resting comfortably on his back.

“Will you come home with me? Stay the night?”

“I guess I can. When?”


“Sure Babe.” Dani said as he bent down and kissed Bazie on top of his head. The soothing feelings Dani was sending through his body were making him sleepy and he slowly nodded off. Dani smiled at the sleeping man in his lap and turned off the TV. He then picked Bazie up and carried him upstairs to his bedroom. He undressed Bazie and tucked him in, son joining him in the bed after changing into his pajama pants. Bazie whimpered in his sleep, arms reaching out to find Dani.

“Shh…” Dani cooed as he put his arms around Bazie. “I’m here and I’m not going anywhere.” And with that Bazie fell asleep once again.

A Week Later

(Jussi’s POV)

Jyrki had seemed a bit…off since we got back. We had gotten used to being close to each other and the sudden lack of closeness was making us both a bit depressed. Only in our bedroom could we show our love for each other without being looked at funny.

“Jyrki, can we try something new?”

“New? Like what?”

“Like sex.”

“What do you want to change?”

“I don’t know. Do you have any ideas?” Jyrki smirked.

“I think I can thing of something.”

Chapter 11



Chapter 11

The next Night

(Jussi’s POV)

After I got home from a day of shopping with Timo and Ville, I opened the door to find a bouquet of roses sitting on the coffee table. Timo and Ville had gone out to party, leaving the house to Jyrki and me. I took the card from the roses and read it:

To Jussi:

A Present for you is in the dinning room. I hope you like it. Put it on and join me upstairs. „Jyrki

I smiled at the note. Jyrki sounded sexy even when he wrote. Hell a note on the refrigerator like be right back, Went to get beer would sound sexy if Jyrki wrote it. I put the note on the table and walked into the dinning room, finding a box wrapped in black paper and red ribbon.

I opened it up and took out the new pair of leather pants and a long black dress shirt. I set them aside taking out the remaining items. A long black cape with red on the inside and a small black box. I opened the box to find a pair of vampire fangs. I smiled and popped them in. I ran to the downstairs bathroom and quickly got dressed. I walked up to out bedroom and found Jyrki laid out on the bed in a sexy pose. He was on his side; his head propped up on one arm. He was dressed in almost the same outfits as me, except his cape was completely black and his shirt was unbuttoned, leaving his smooth pale chest bare to my lust filled gaze.

(Normal POV)

“Hello my love“¨ Jyrki said in Finnish. They had gotten used to talking in English and they were just now beginning to talk in Finnish again.

“Hello.¨ Jussi replied with a smile. He looked around the newly designed room. Dark fabrics over the windows, black rungs, and new black linens. Jussi them spotted the long table running along the wall. It had various objects on it. Some of Jussi’s favorites as well as some new toy. Handcuffs, anal beads, a vibrator, a blindfold, and massage oil were amongst his favorites. But Jyrki had brought whole new items into the mix. A whip, candles, ice cubes, a black silken rag, a dildo and at the very end of the table, razorblades. It looked just like a Vampires lair.

“Is it to your liking? ¨ Jyrki asked a he sat up. He got out of bed and walked slowly and seductively over to Jussi. He seemed to glide across the floor.

“It’s amazing." Jussi answered as Jyrki took his hands and slowly led him over to the bed.

“I just knew you would like it.¡¨ Jyrki said with a grin, flashing his fangs. Jussi smiled back, running his fingers through Jyrki’s hair.

“Do you like the new toys? ¨ Jyrki asked him as he unfastened Jussi’s cape.

“Most of them.¨ Jussi said as he started taking off Jyrki’s cape as well. Jyrki smiled.

“You ready to have some fun now my love?¨

“Definitely.¨ Jussi said as he kissed his vampyric lover for the first time of the night. Jyrki bit a little at Jussi’s lip making blood flow into the kiss. Jussi loved the taste of blood. Whether it be Jyrki’s or his own, it just brought out something animalistic in him. Jyrki also liked the taste of blood. He didn’t care much for the taste of his own blood, but he cherished the taste of Jussi’s.

“Your blood tastes so sweet my love.¨ Jyrki said as he pulled away and ripped open Jussi’s shirt, sending buttons flying everywhere. He began kissing Jussi’s neck, licking and sucking as well. He lapped at his pulse point and could feel the crimson life flowing beneath it. Jyrki glanced up at Jussi and sent him a lust filled gaze, before sinking his fangs into Jussi’s neck. Jussi winced at the intense flash of pain, but the feeling soon passed, aided by Jyrki’s soft fingers running over his flesh. Jyrki sipped carefully of Jussi’s blood, being cautious not to take enough to hurt his beloved. The way he felt while drinking from Jussi was almost indescribable. He felt like one with Jussi. Almost as close as they were while making love. Jyrki loved the feeling of being joined together as one with his lover; it made him feel extremely blissful and euphoric. As he felt Jussi’s body relax, he removed his blood stained fangs. He put a finger over the fresh wound to stop the blood flow and smiled at his lover, licking his lips. Jussi smiled back, though weekly.

“May I drink from you, my love?¨ Jussi asked quietly. Jyrki smiled and ran his hands over Jussi’s body.

“Later my love, I haven’t quite finished teasing you yet.¨ Jussi nodded and watched Jyrki with lust filled eyes. Jyrki got off the bed and walked over to the table of toys. He picked up a candle, the razorblade, the small steel bowl filled with ice cubes, the blindfold, the handcuffs, and the small piece of smooth silken fabric. He set the aside on their nightstand and kissed down Jussi’s chest.

“Are you going to be alright with some pain Mon Amour?¨ Jyrki asked as he looked into Jussi’s eyes. He saw a flash of fear run through him, but Jussi nodded.

“I trust you completely Jyrki.¨ He smirked and kissed down his chest once more.

“That might not be an entirely good thing. You really have no idea of what diabolical plans I’m capable of.¨ Jussi laughed a little and Jyrki took the blind fold and the handcuffs off the table.

“You’ll only be tied up and blinded for a while Babe, I want to be able to look into your eyes and feel your touch tonight.¨ Jyrki said as he tightened the cuffs around Jussi’s wrists.

“Too tight?¨ Jussi shook his head and Jyrki leaned forward, kissing Jussi with all of his heart, he poured very bit of passion he could into the kiss making Jussi moan. He caressed Jussi’s tongue with his and his hand roamed over Jussi’s body and through his hair, relaxing the anxious man underneath him a bit. Jyrki unwillingly pulled away and smiled at Jussi one last time before putting the blindfold on him.

“Are you comfortable?¨ Jyrki asked him caringly.

“My neck is kinda cramped.¨ Jyrki adjusted the pillows and fluffed them until they looked luxuriously comfortable.

“Better?¨ Jussi nodded and Jyrki started his game.

Jussi felt Jyrki’s tongue gliding across his skin and he felt his fingers touching all over, caressing every inch of skin on his body. Jyrki pulled back and took off his shirt completely. Jussi shivered as he felt the cold ice cube run over his skin, but it was soon followed by the intense heat from the candle wax. Jyrki alternated the items, making Jussi flinch away from the hot wax, and shiver from the cold ice cubes. Jyrki loved the way the ice created goose bumps across Jussi’s skin. And he loved the way Jussi’s body jerked away from the liquid heat.

“Jussi if it becomes too much tell me and I’ll stop okay?¨

“No...No keep going I’m fine.¨

“Alright my darling.¨ Jyrki said as he set the items aside and kissed Jussi once more, making him relax again. He then pulled back and picked up the remaining items off of the table. Jussi giggled as the soft silken material ghosted over his skin. Jyrki loved to see Jussi giggle; it always made him smile, so he continued his attack on Jussi’s sensitive skin. He ran the fabric over his sides and got rewarded by a burst of laughter out of the extremely ticklish Jussi. He then used the other item on Jussi, cutting a small line down his side, not very big at all. It was more of a test cut to see how he would react. Jussi whimpered and flinched away from the stinging pain. Jyrki once again started to tickle Jussi, this time with his free hand, causing the man to go into a laughing fit. With the other hand he let the razorblade glide over the skin of Jussi’s smooth chest, causing the man to squirm away from him.

“Ow.¨ Jussi groaned in pain.

“Shh...my love you are doing very well, endure a bit more and I will see that you are rewarded very well.¨ Jussi nodded and Jyrki sliced into his flesh once more, causing a pain filled cry from Jussi. He then slid the fabric over Jussi’s skin, along with his tongue tasting Jussi’s blood. None of the cuts were very deep, just deep enough to cause blood to flow. Jyrki suspected that they would be completely disappeared within a week; he would never dare permanently scar his beautiful Jussi. Jyrki faintly heard Jussi sniff and he stopped his administrations. Jyrki put all of his toys to the side and threw the bloody silk fabric into the now bowl of water. The ice cubes had melted long ago. He undid Jussi’s cuffs and last but not least the barrier between his eyes and those of his lover. He threw the damp blindfold in the floor and gathered Jussi into his arms. Jussi couldn’t help but cry, the searing pain was so intense, but obviously it turned both him and Jyrki on. Jyrki wiped away his tears and kissed him deeply.

“You alright? I wasn’t too harsh was I?¨

“I’m f...fine.. Y...you were great I Ju...just never felt like that before. It was intense is all.¨ Jyrki stroked his hair gently, calming his lover. We don’t have to do it again if you don’t want to. Jussi nodded and snuggled up with his lover.

“It was just a little too intense for me right now. It turned me on and everything, but m...maybe we can wait a while before we do it again?¨ Jyrki nodded and climbed on top of Jussi once more. He kissed Jussi and Jussi smiled, ready to make love with Jyrki. And he knew Jyrki was going to make him feel wonderful, he promised Jussi a treat and he knew he was going to be pleasured.

Jyrki reach in the drawer and pulled out a bottle of lube. He lubed up his fingers and slid one into Jussi, making him squirm a little. He inserted a second finger and Jussi flinched for a second, but the pain dissipated. Jyrki scissored his fingers until Jussi seemed loosed enough. He then removed His and Jussi’s pants and positioned himself at Jussi’s entrance. He pushed in fully and Jussi winced for a moment, but soon after he began to move his hips against Jyrki. Jyrki thrust at the perfect speed, fast enough to cause Jussi intense pleasure, but not fast enough to send him over the edge. He brushed into Jussi’s prostate with every thrust and he began increasing his speed slowly. Jussi felt amazing. He loved having Jyrki inside of him, more than anything. And Jyrki loved to be inside of Jussi. Only during sex could they be this intimately connected. Jyrki began o feel the familiar tightening of muscles in his stomach and fought against the dire want to release. He had had his fun; right now it was Jussi’s turn. Jyrki was thrusting hard and fast into Jussi now, hitting his spot with such intense pressure that it didn’t take long for him to release between them. Jyrki pumped faster yet into Jussi, biting down on his neck once again as he spilled his seed within his lover. The room was filled with the cries of their orgasms and Jyrki pulled out and collapsed next to Jussi. Jussi snuggled close to Jyrki and Jyrki wrapped his arms protectively around Jussi, his one and only lover. He would never let another soul even think about harming his beloved.

“I love you.¨ Jussi panted.

“You too.¨ Jyrki said as he struggled to catch his breath. Jussi pulled the cold silken covers over their hot sweaty bodies and they both sighed as the cold fabric aided them in cooling off, though the sheets stuck to them because of the sweat. Jussi smiled up at his Jyrki and Jyrki smiled back, kissing Jussi breathlessly. Jussi began to doze off as Jyrki’s sweaty body helped ease the twinge of the cuts. Jyrki took out his own fangs then Jussi’s, fearing he would choke on them while asleep. Jussi closed his eyes as did Jyrki and they soon fell asleep into a peaceful slumber.

Message: Sorry i haven't updated in a lil' while guys, computer trobles and all that bad stuff that could possibly go wrong is. Mom found my stories and freaked so i won't be able to post as often, but i will whenever i can. Comments=Love

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