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Stolen Season Chapter 13

Title: Stolen Season chapter 13
Author: Jussisgirl13 aka Me :D
Pairing: Jussi/Jyrki  Ville/Bam/Timo  Bazie/Dani
Rating: R 
Disclaimer: I don't own these beautiful people (though i wish i did) This never happened and never will.


Previous Chapter can be found Here my Darlings

Chapter 13

Jyrki opened his eyes to see his fiancé holding him tight. He always held Jussi, especially when they were sleeping so he could protect his young lover. But he had to admit…it felt nice being held for once. He liked feeling safe and protected in his lovers arms. Jyrki smiled as flashbacks from last night coursed through his brain. Last night was mind-blowing. Jussi was a perfect lover and a perfect boyfriend. Well technically he wasn’t his boyfriend anymore. He was his fiancé. Jyrki’s dreams were coming true. He gets to marry the love of his life. Jyrki watched Jussi as he slept, caressing his chest gently, watching his sleeping expression change. His relaxed face soon turned to a smile and he pulled Jyrki even closer to him. Jyrki smiled and quietly whispered ‘I love you’, which made Jussi smile bigger and mumble it back in his sleep.

“Jussi…” He whispered again.


“Good morning, hunny.”


“You gonna wake up so we can cuddle?” Jussi cracked an eye open and smiled at Jyrki. He yawned and tightened his arms around his love.

“Jussi…I’d really love you to hold me more often.” Jyrki said with a grin. “I just felt so safe last night.”

“I like holding you. You’re so warm.” Jyrki giggled sleepily.

“You want breakfast?”

“Sure…what do you have in mind?”


“Take too long…”

“Reach me my phone.” Jussi groaned and grabbed Jyrki’s pants out of the floor. He took his phone out of the pocket and reach it to Jyrki. He quickly dialed a number and the telephones in the house started ringing.

“Hey Timo…what’s for breakfast? Don’t know? Why don’t we have pancakes? Yeah I’m upstairs. Jussi and me are all curled up and warm, we don’t feel like getting up yet so will you bring us some up? I’ll owe you. Thank you Timo.” Jyrki shut his phone and put it on the table.

“I love you, Jyrki.”

“I love you too, darling.”

“Jyrki, when are we gonna tell the guys?”

“Soon…how about over dinner tonight?”

“Alright.” Jussi said as he started playing with Jyrki’s hair. Jyrki scooted up in Jussi’s arms and placed a playful kiss on his lips. Jussi giggled and kissed him back, nipping at his lip.

“Rawr!” Jyrki said as he gently nipped Jussi’s nose. Jussi smiled and kissed him sweetly, loving every single second with his fiancé.

“God I still can’t believe it.” Jussi said as he held Jyrki’s hand, playing with his ring.

“I know…” Jyrki said with a big smile. “It seems so unreal.”

“Where are we gonna get married?”

“I’m not sure… somewhere awesome though.”

“Jyrki…do I get to have a best man or do I have to have a maid of honor?” Jyrki laughed.

“You can have whatever you want!”

“Who’s gonna be your best man?”

“I’m not sure…I have so many friends you know?”

“Yeah…me too…”

“Probably Timo and Bazie and Archzie…”


“Why not?” Jussi shrugged.

“I’ll probably have Ville and…hmmm…Bam.”




“What’s wrong with Bam?”

“Nothing I just don’t want him destroying our wedding.”

“He won’t.

“I hope not.” They heard a knock on the door and Timo walked in with 2 plates of pancakes and 2 glasses of orange juice on a tray.

“Good morning you two love birds.” Timo said as he set the tray on the bedside table.

“Morning.” They answered in unison. Timo rolled his eyes as he spotted the lubricant on the table.

“So that’s where our lube went…”

“Sorry.” Jyrki said blushing. “We ran out.”

“It’s alright. Bazie’s pissed at you though.”


“Cause you trashed his room.”

“Oopsy.” Jussi said with a smile.

“Will you tell him were sorry and we’ll clean it up in a bit?”

“He’s already cleaned it but I’ll tell him you’re sorry.”

“Thank you Timo.”

“No problem, see ya later.” He said as he walked out of the room and downstairs.

“Good morning Ville.” He said with a smile.

“Mmm….” Ville said as he put his head down on the table.

“Timo…will you go get my cigarette’s?”

“Here have one of mine.” Timo said as he put a cigarette in Ville’s lips and lit it.


“No Problem dear.”

“Timo…can I talk to you about something, baby?”

“Sure.” He said as he poured himself a cup of coffee and sat down beside his boyfriend.

“Sure.” He said as he poured himself a cup of coffee and sat down beside his boyfriend.

“You know Bam right?”

“Yeah, everyone knows Bam.”

“Well he’s coming in for a visit in a few days and he’s gonna be staying for a couple weeks.”


“Over the years we’ve sorta become really close and we’ve kinda become…”

“Fuck buddies?”

“More like once in a while lovers…”

“So your asking me if I’m okay with it?” Ville nodded.

“Well I really don’t like sharing you…” Ville frowned.

“I do want you to be happy though…”

“What about threesomes?”

“Ugh…you, me and Bam?”


“I guess that’s okay…” He said with a smile and Ville pulled him into a kiss.

“Love you.”

“You too, Darling.”

That night

“Why don’t we go out to dinner tonight?” Jussi suggested as everyone sat in the living room.

“Sounds good to me.” Timo said with a smile.

“Can I bring Dani?”


“Then I’m in.”

“Me too.” Archzie said with a smile.

“Can Ville come?”

“Yeah, Ville’s always welcome.” They all grabbed their coats and walked out to the cars. They met at a nice restaurant across town. Ville and the others went ahead of Jyrki and Jussi who stood behind by the cars.

“I’m nervous…”

“Me too…”

“I hope they don’t freak out…”

“I do too…Well I guess there’s no turning back now…lets go dear.” Jussi smiled and followed Jyrki into the restaurant. They sat down with the others at a big table and looked over the menus. Dani joined them a couple of minutes later and they order dinner. After everyone had finished and they were eating dessert, Jyrki nudged Jussi with his elbow.”

“Guys…Jyrki and I have something to tell you.”

“What? Are you pregnant?” Timo Joked. Everyone laughed.

“We…we’re getting married…” Jussi said quickly. Everyone stayed silent. Looks of shock were on every face. Jussi looked at Jyrki in panic. Finally the silence was broken by Ville.

“I for one am happy for the both of you!” He said with a smile. ”I believe this occasion calls for drinks!” Jussi smiled half-heartedly.

“Congratulations guys.” Timo said with a grin, tears threatening to flow from his eyes. Bazie finally spoke after Dani elbowed him hard in the side.

“Huh? Oh I…ugh… wow…that’s big… I’m happy for you though…”

“Onnittelu!” Archzie said as he raised his glass. Jyrki and Jussi smiled and placed a quick kiss on each other’s lips before pulling apart. Jussi had tears in his eyes and Jyrki wrapped an arm around his waist. Finally Timo couldn’t take it and he just let his tears of happiness flow free. He’d watched them fall in love from the moment they met and was truly overwhelmed. Jussi’s tears began to fall after Timo started to cry, and Jyrki burst into tears. Bazie almost cried, seeing his best friends so happy, but he held them back. He was still a little shocked, as was everyone else. And Archzie…well he never cried, but he was happy for them.

“I better be in the wedding!” Timo said as he wiped his tears away.


3 days later

“Bam’s here Ville!” Jussi called from the living room. Ville rushed downstairs and ran to Bam, hugging him tightly.


“I fucking missed you!” Bam said before kissing him deeply. Timo raised an eyebrow and rolled his eyes.

“Missed you too!” He said as he took Bam’s hand and led him over to Timo.

“You’ve met Timo before right?”


“Well he’s my boyfriend, Bammie.”

“Boyfriend…I ugh…sorry I didn’t know…”

“He’s alright with us being together though, Bam. As long as he’s in on the action.” Bam smiled.

“I think that can be worked out.” He said with a grin. They all sat down in the living room together, Jussi on Jyrki’s lap and Ville with his arms around both his loves.

“Did I tell you about Jussi and Jyrki?”

“That they were dating yeah.”

“They’re getting married.”

“Seriously? That’s awesome.” Bam said with a smile.” I hope you two are happy!” Jussi smiled and turned to look at Jyrki. His eyes mirrored the same love that Jussi had for Jyrki.

“I love you.” He whispered quietly to Jyrki.

“Love you too, baby.” Bam whispered something to Ville and the two walked upstairs to their room, followed closely behind by Timo.

“Sooo…” Ville said as he sat down on the bed. Timo laid down beside him and Bam jumped on top of Timo, kissing him unexpectedly.

“Ville shame on you for not telling me you had a boyfriend, and double shame on you for not telling me you have a hot boyfriend.”

“I ugh…sorry?” Bam pulled Ville down into Timo’s and his kiss and they all moaned at the taste of each other. They all pulled away panting. Bam smirked at Ville and he jumped on top of him pinning him to the bed. Bam stripped off his shirt and Ville groaned as Timo took one nipple in his mouth and Bam took the other. Bam pulled away for a second to strip himself of his shirt as well as pulling Timo back from Ville’s nipple to remove his shirt. They all shared another blistering hot kiss and Bam and Timo, moved down Ville’s body to his neck where they both began to suck and lick, Timo licking and suck quite gently and Bam sucking and almost biting hard. Ville arched up as Bam sank his teeth into his neck and Timo kissed him roughly. Bam pulled away from Ville’s bruising neck and smirked when he saw the handcuffs on the table. He closed one cuff around Ville’s wrist, slipped the chain through the bed rails and cuffed the other wrist. Ville opened his eyes to find his hand immobile.

“What the…hey!”

“How’s it feel to be tied up now, Ville?” Timo asked with a smirk. Ville laughed.

“Pretty damn good actually!” Bam bit down hard on Ville’s chest making him cry out from the surprise.

“Dear god! Bam Bam!” Bam smiled at his lover, and pulled Timo to him for another kiss, making Ville groan in anticipation. Bam pulled away and began running his fingers down Ville’s side as Timo sucked on Bam’s neck. Bam quickly turned Timo over and removed his pants, giving his growing erection some space. Bam then removed his own pants and began kissing down Ville’s body, tickling his sides like he knew Ville liked. Ville giggled and pulled away from the tickling. Timo kiss Ville again, running his hands through his hair as Bam kissed down his stomach and dipped his tongue into Ville’s belly button. Bam then pulled Timo on top of Ville putting him face to face with his lover. Timo almost cried out as Bam began kissing over his shoulders and down his back. He closed his eyes and let Bam set his body aflame with gentle caresses and hot kisses. He moaned a Bam gently touched his lower back, one of his most sensitive areas.

“You like that?” Timo nodded and Ville kissed his forehead. He didn’t think he’d ever seen Timo this relaxed before. It sorta made up for the fact that he was being neglected. Timo felt Bam’s hands move down and he felt him kissing down his ass.

“Oh! God Bam!” He yelled as Bam spead his cheeks and began licking around his entrance. Timo was squirming wildly against Ville, body almost going into convulsions of pleasure. Bam began licking a bit harder and then he stuck his tongue inside Timo, making him buck back against him in surprise.

“Ohhh!! Fuck!!!” He said breathlessly as he felt Bam’s tongue moving within him, that was the last thing he expected, but god did it fell good. After a few more minutes of torturing Timo, Bam pulled away. He poured some lube on his fingers and slipped one inside Timo. Timo trembled and Bam added another.

“Oh Bam! God Bam! More please!!!” Ville was now moving impatiently under Timo, his aching trapped hard-on begging for attention. Bam began to move his fingers in and out until Timo was calling his name over and over. He removed his fingers and wiped them on the sheets before guiding Timo up.

“Ville’s turn now huh?” Ville nodded and sighed in relief as Bam removed his pants. Bam kissed his cock a few times and pulled away.

“Bam! Please!”

“Please what?”

“Fuck me, suck me, jerk me off, ANYTHING!!!”

“That’s what I like to hear.” Bam said with a smile. He whispered something to Timo and he smiled, reaching over into the drawer pulling out a cock ring.

“NO!!! Bam!!! NOOOO!!!!! PLEASE!!! I REALLY NEED TO GET OFF!!!” Bam smirked and he put the ring on Ville.


“Good boy, now stay put!” Bam said with a smile.

“Okay Timo, on your hands and knees.” Timo did as he was asked and Bam lubed up his cock.

“Bam!!!” Ville begged. Bam slid into Timo, earning a cry from him. He slowly began thrusting in and out of him, until the pain passed and pleasure overtook him. Timo moaned as Bam slammed into his prostate and bucked his hips back against him.

“Timo! Oh! Uncuff Ville…” Timo struggled, but unlocked the cuffs.

“Ville, suck Timo off!” Ville complied and slid down to Timo’s cock. He took His boyfriend’s cock into his mouth and Timo cried out loudly.

“Oh FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!!!!” Timo cried as Ville deep throated him. He felt his stomach start to tighten and knew he was close. As soon as Ville swallowed around him once more and Bam slammed hard into his spot, he shot his load into Ville’s mouth. Bam sped up his thrusts and was soon cumming in Timo’s body. They both collapsed, catching their breath.

“Bam!!! PLEASE!!! FUCK ME!!!”

“Give me a fucking second Willa!!!” Ville climbed on top of Bam and started caressing his cock.

“Fuck Ville…” He smirked and kissed Bam hard, easing him up on his knees.

“Bam please! My dick fucking hurts now!” Bam giggled and looked down at Ville’s angry red member.

“Hmm…I guess you deserve it.” Bam said as he stroked himself to a full erection and lubed up his cock. Ville got onto his hands and knees in front of him. He gently slid into Ville, giving him time to adjust. Ville grunted and winced as his body tried to adjust so suddenly. After Ville’s opening relaxed, Bam began thrusting fast and hard.

“Oh Bam!” Ville cried as he slammed into his spot. Timo removed the cock ring from Ville’s cock and wrapped his lips around the neglected member. Ville yelled Timo’s name as pleasure engulfed him and mere seconds later Bam and Ville released in unison. Bam pulled out of Ville and they all collapsed on the bed together in a sweaty heap.

“L-Love you…” Ville said with a fulfilled smile on his face.

“Who?” Bam asked playfully.

“Both of you!” Timo smiled and weakly attacked his boyfriend’s lips with kisses, Bam doing the same soon after. After they’re playful post orgasmic bliss they snuggled into each other’s arms. Ville in Bam’s and Timo in Ville’s.

“you guys wanna take a nap so we can go out and get fucked up tonight?” Timo laughed sleepily and nodded into Ville’s chest.

“What about you Bammie?”

“Well I was thinking we could go out tomorrow and maybe…stay in tonight…” Ville smiled and looked down at the nearly sleeping form of Timo.

“What do you say dear?”

“Whatever you want babe, just as long as we can take a nap.”

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